Hello! My name is Emma Cardinell and I am the Hamilton Yogini. 🙂

I am a Yoga teacher and student (along with a lot of other stuff) living in Hamilton, Ontario.

I am currently working towards holding Yoga in the Park this Spring and Summer, as there are no yoga studios in my immediate neighborhood, and I’d like to offer a convenient option for everyone to experience and enjoy yoga.


I decided to start a blog and website as a creative/business outlet after I arrived home from Yoga Teacher Training to dreary Canadian winter. I have a background in Advertising and Marketing, and it’s nice to get back to it in a way that I enjoy, even if it’s not something I like to do every day. This is also something that is totally mine and I have total freedom and control over what I do, so I can put everything that I LOVE on here! 🙂


This space will have everything I’m passionate about:

Yoga asanas, sequences and general tips and tricks for your practice.
Local points of interest (like great places to eat, drink, explore and take someone else on a date),
Places I’ve traveled around the world (and tips and photos from these experiences!),
Nutrition and delicious recipes,
Any arts and crafts I get up to, maybe highly-researched scientific studies, and probably some tips for your garden too.

Keep an eye on my Schedule for any upcoming classes or events.


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