4 Days in London

This blog will outline my 2018 trip to London, England. If you would like to see a Packing List for this trip, please click here. I travelled solo to London at the end of September 2018 and met up with my friend who was doing her own solo travel around Europe, and my other friendContinue reading “4 Days in London”

#YogaDaysofMay2016 Yoga Challenge

Announcing my Yoga Challenge for May 2016! It’s here! My first 30-Day Yoga Challenge that I have designed. I decided to make this challenge just that: challenging. A variety of asanas for us to work through: standing, seated, arm balance, and inversions will test your strength, balance and flexibility. I am also making this anotherContinue reading “#YogaDaysofMay2016 Yoga Challenge”


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About Me

Hey, I’m Emma. I have this space to share my personal blog that covers everything that I enjoy. As a seasonal Landscaper/horticulturalist, yoga student and podcast enthusiast who loves to travel and explore, I hope to share some fun and maybe useful reads. Enjoy!