Packing List – London Long-weekend

A packing list for a short trip to London, England in early autumn.

This packing list was what I used to pack for my mini trip to London. My best friend was able to do a 3-week solo Europe trip and I really wanted to join her in London, where our high-school friend was now living! I was able to stay for 4 days in late September 2018, and it was a lovely getaway, even if it was a trip across the pond for us Canadians.

Since it was a short trip, I would be flying solo, and need to pack light. I only packed one carry-on backpack. It was ambitious, and I even ended up over-packing since the weather was very fair.

For more details on this trip and the fun spots we were able to visit, check out that post here.

For now, check out this list! See below for other tips. you may save this picture as a check list. This list would be useful for any short trip in mild weather.

Essentials: these are pretty obvious, if you require medication or other day-to-day items, please include them here. If you’re traveling to the UK and require a Visa, please look into that.

Electronics: laptop, camera etc., this is all I brought though.

Clothing & Outerwear: we spent a lot of time walking, and did not go anywhere “fancy”. The weather was very nice, 16 degrees Celsius, and we did not need heavy clothing. I always pack extra socks and underwear, I like to feel fresh! My track pants and tank top did double duty as my pajamas

Bags: As I mentioned previously, I used just ONE carry-on backpack to fly to London. I also brought a fanny pack to use as easy-access for passports and paperwork in the airport, and as a safe purse when wandering around the big city. My small day-backpack served as a larger bag for water bottles, snacks, and extra sweaters for the day.

Toiletries: this section may look small – but London has tons of personal products available that are actually way cheaper than in Canada, for example, dry shampoo.

Extras: bringing food and water for the plane is key to traveling on a budget. A book and your own notepad and pen are useful too – I always try to keep a small diary f my daily travels.

Happy Packing !

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